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HVAC Maintenance 

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Your Health and Air Conditioner or Heater Maintenance: How They Relate to Your Home or Business in Palm Coast.

Most home and business owners in Palm Coast consider air conditioner and heating maintenance an integral step in keeping their systems up and running. Efficiency and prevention of breakdowns has been stated as the most important reasons to regularly repair and maintain heating and air-conditioning units by the average person in Palm Coast.

Upkeep goes beyond simply ensuring your system is operating correctly. An oft-forgotten benefit of keeping up with regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance is the positive impact on the health of everyone entering the space, especially in more humid climates.

Mold Growth and Buildup

Mold can be invasive, quickly forming and causing major issues for both your air conditioner and heater system and those in your home or who visit your business. Mold spores are known to cause significant respiratory issues for people of all ages.

Mold buildup can be avoided with regular checks of the air conditioner and heater system. Catching the problem very early is key to making sure no one is negatively impacted. Visual inspections help spot mold in and around the HVAC units.

A poorly operating air conditioning unit can lead to mold issues in addition to spreading the spores. Air that is overly moist due to inefficiency is a harbinger for mold development. This can lead to mold formation anywhere in the home or business, including on furniture, woodwork, and most other surfaces.

Frighteningly, certain air conditioning and heating units lacking maintenance could lead to issues as serious as carbon monoxide poisoning. This is a very dangerous possibility that is easily prevented with regular checkups.

Stop Problems Before They Start

Regular air conditioner and heater maintenance for both home and business systems can go a long way toward keeping a minor issue from becoming a big one. Call Now to talk to us about our maintenance plan.

Our Palm Coast air conditioning technicians find the best way to deal with a problem, ensuring that the situation is taken care of. They do not take shortcuts, they offer long-term solutions.

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