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 Commercial HVAC Installation


Commercial HVAC Installation

A commercial HVAC system is without question heavy equipment. Weighing on average over 1000 Lbs and with price tags from $6,000 to $15,000 or more it is vital to be certain the commercial HVAC installation is done right, with the proper man power, commercial HVAC equipment and commercial HVAC installation knowledge.

Our team of experts has been performing commercial heating and cooling installation from 1994. We have the resources to handle all HVAC equipment safely and properly the first time, everytime, for a great installation resolution.

Not all commercial HVAC installation occurs on the exterior. Units can be located inside for some structures such as warehouses and large material docks. Cooks Air Conditioning & Heating Specialist still remains a Florida leader in the commercial HVAC installation service industry by knowing the dimensional sizes of the equipment we install, the weight and the best access points to place them internally within a structure while avoiding damage to materials, structure and interior walls.

We are able to quote installation prices for units purchased through our commercial division or purchased through an outside source. Need to see if you can save money on commercial HVAC installation cost on a unit already purchased? No problem! Give us a call and we can provide you the best competitive pricing in the region. Don’t settle for just the numbers the other company gave you, call us today and let us see if we can save you money on getting your commercial HVAC system installed and running properly.