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Many folks think that the weather in all of Florida is all the same, but the fact is North and South Florida weather is quite different.  North Florida areas such as Gainesville not only have the hot summer months to contend with but they also have the possibility of having a cold winter by Florida standards. It might even snow. This is why it is important that not only your home or business air conditioning and heating system is working properly but also your heating system.  The technicians of Cook’s Air have the expertise and are local to the area.  100% customer satisfaction is what we aim for.

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Serving our Gainesville neighbors. 

The Cook’s Air Gainesville’s Team of technicians are your neighborhood air conditioning and heating specialists. This is why every technician that works for the Gainesville team is licensed, bonded and insured.

The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

Most home and business owners consider HVAC maintenance an integral step in keeping their systems up and running. If you ask the average person the most important reason to regularly maintain heating and air units, they will typically respond with efficiency and to prevent breakdowns.

HVAC upkeep goes beyond simply ensuring your system is operating correctly. An oft-forgotten benefit of keeping up with regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance is the impact on the health of everyone entering the space.

There are several issues that could affect the health of those in a room being heated or cooled by a dirty, inefficient HVAC system. Fortunately, with some routine maintenance, these problems can be discovered early or entirely avoided. Call Cook’s Air Conditioning of Gainesville to schedule your routine seasonal maintenance.

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