Residential HVAC Sales


Buying Peace of Mind

Buying a new residential AC system can been stressful with many thoughts falling on cost to replace a unit, quality of products and lifespan of the unit. Being a major investment in the home we can understand that these decisions don’t come easy. Thats why Cooks Air Conditioning and Heating Specialists make it a company wide goal to walk every home owner through a sales process from beginning to end with a patience, clear communications on what the homeowner wants and needs as well as finding the best equipment for the budget set forth by the home owner.

We will perform a extensive inspection of the home with the home owner, determine where hot and cold zones may currently exist, evaluate if the existing tonnage was sufficient for the homes size and layout and discuss with the home owner all the possible features and benefits of a new residential HVAC system. On the go a lot? We have solutions such as internet enabled thermostat controls, scheduled temperature control and zone control to keep everything warm or cool no matter your daily routines.

We want to provide you the best in industry equipment from our product providers but in the end our goal is to meet you, the consumers needs and we will make the equipment, features and benefits fit your budget. Need more but have less liquid assets to invest than needed? Thats ok, our financing options are great with awesome rebates on new residential HVAC sales. Call us today, for a FREE no obligation quote on a new HVAC system for your home.Cooks Air Conditioning and Heating Specialist is your Ocala leader in home savings for all things HVAC.

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