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Air Conditioning Repair In Palm Coast, FL

While it may seem tempting to postpone air conditioner repairs, it is imperative that you service your HVAC system as quickly as possible. Without a dependable AC system, a home can grow hot and humid, posing a health risk to its inhabitants. Buildings with elevated temperatures are more susceptible to mold growth, spoiled food, and airborne allergens. Overheated friends and family members may experience difficulty breathing or asthma attacks when living with a broken AC unit.

You can protect your loved ones’ well-being by scheduling regular HVAC repairs as needed. Cook’s Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists can help you care for your family’s health by expertly diagnosing AC issues and recommending the appropriate treatment. Our technicians are able to fix common problems seen in all name-brand air conditioning units.

At our Palm Coast HVAC company, you can trust us to attempt to repair and restore an old unit before suggesting a replacement. For air conditioner service at a reasonable price, message Cook’s Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists!

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Common Air Conditioner Issues

Dirty Air Filters

Air conditioner filters can easily accumulate dirt, dust, dander, hair, and pollutants. Because of this, they should be replaced every month. Otherwise, the buildup of debris in your filter will restrict cool air from passing through your system. This, in turn, causes your AC to strain itself, subsequently causing future breakdowns.

A new air filter can improve your home’s or commercial business’s indoor air quality. Call our technicians today for an air filter replacement or full unit cleaning.

Low Refrigerant

A common reason for low refrigerant is a leak in your air conditioning unit. Refrigerant leaks can be dangerous to handle for someone who is not qualified or has undergone HVAC training. You should only trust an educated HVAC contractor to recharge your air conditioner’s refrigerant supply. Our technicians can safely complete this air conditioner repair. We can identify the type of refrigerant used by your unit, determine the cause of your leak, and have your system repaired promptly and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule a/c repairs!

Frozen Coils

Frozen AC coils are not a good sign. This issue is primarily the result of poor air circulation. You may have frozen coils in your air conditioning unit if it runs but won’t blow cool air or if you notice condensation or moisture around it. If any of these sound familiar, contact our HVAC technicians. We can unthaw your unit and prevent this issue from recurring.

Loose Parts

Picture this: it’s a quiet day in your home, and you’re feeling hot. You turn on your AC unit to fight the heat, but all you hear is clanking and strange noises coming from your system.

These noisy, boisterous sounds could be a sign that an internal component of your AC unit, such as its belt, is misaligned or loose. Luckily, our HVAC contractors can locate the reason for your loud AC unit and secure the loose part.

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